Dealers will have access to a combined workflow in
one system: CollisionLink.

OEC and PartsTrader now provide dealers with the ability to process PartsTrader quotes and orders in CollisionLink.

We have worked closely with a group of dealers to ensure the combined workflow is a streamlined, efficient tool. Dealers will be notified when they can activate the combined workflow and start processing PartsTrader orders in CollisionLink.

We look forward to giving our dealers the ability to process all of their collision part orders in one system: CollisionLink.

Simplified Workflow:
Switching between CollisionLink and PartsTrader will not be necessary.  All of your PartsTrader quote requests and orders will appear on the CollisionLink Overview screen.  

Efficiency Gains:
Quickly and efficiently generate the quote with immediate visibility to qualify the correct part and most accurate OEM pricing

Cost Benefits:
A reduced PartsTrader monthly fee will be given to all CollisionLink subscribers.  Any order that generates a transaction fee from PartsTrader will be flagged in the quote request.
Reduced Part Returns:
CollisionLink provides VIN-verified* part orders for order accuracy and reduced part returns to help dealers increase efficiency.

* Participating OEMs only
OEM Programs:
Access OEM part programs for PartsTrader orders exclusively in CollisionLink. This gives you the opportunity to competitively price and convert more parts on transactions that contain eligible parts.